Birch Glen Co-operative Homes is proud to have implemented a number of energy efficiency measures to reduce our carbon footprint, lower our operating costs and help make the building more sustainable for present and future co-op users. From higher efficiency lighting to on-site solar power generation, Birch Glen is addressing an array of areas to reduce our energy usage, increase efficiency and provide our own electricity.

Among several measures implemented by the co-op:

  • Lighting in the parking garage changed from T12 to high-efficiency T4 bulbs
  • Lighting in common areas changed to higher efficiency bulbs
  • Lighting in apartment units changed from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Refrigerators in every apartment unit replaced for high-efficiency models
  • Toilets in apartment units changed to high-efficiency “Niagara flappers”
  • 20 kilowatt solar photovoltaic array installed on roof off-setting building’s electricity usage